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Please complete your profile with your Education, Employment, funding and works (publications) details.  If you haven’t done this already, logon to ORCID ( with your credentials to complete the profile.


When do I need to use my ORCID ID?

Publishers may ask for your ORCID ID when you submit a manuscript, and the option to include your ORCID ID in your application is now available from major funding organizations.

How does having an ORCID ID help Khalifa University?

Linking your ORCID ID helps Khalifa University in Faculty profile data collection and also to identify and upload your publications in to the university repository

Will the University create an ORCID ID for me?
No, you will need to register yourself.

What makes ORCID different from other researcher IDs and profiles?
It's being adopted worldwide by researchers, universities, funding organizations and publishers and can be integrated with institutional and publisher systems.

Who manages my ORCID profile?
You do! You can choose the level of detail included, or designate a Trusted Individual to edit your profile on your behalf.

What about privacy?
You control the privacy settings and can set items to be visible only to everyone, trusted organizations, or only you.

What happens if I leave Khalifa University?
Your ORCID ID remains the same and travels with you. Update your email address in your profile settings.

What is ORCID ?

is a unique identifier for researchers.  It allows research activities to be accurately attached to individuals over time, across institutions and across multiple information systems. For more details visit: What is ORCID?

Having an ORCID ID

  • Will make your work discoverable by others
  • Connects your research to you throughout your career, no matter how your name appears in publication
  • Distinguishes you from other researchers with similar names
  • Minimizes the time you spend filling out forms when submitting research or applying for grants
  • Is required by many major journal publishers and funders

Once registered, you can import the papers from your Web of Science ResearcherID, Scopus Author ID,  and Google Scholar and many other sources. 

How to add your research outputs to your ORCID record

There are several tools in ORCID that allow automatic importing of records relating to your research output from linked databases. 
To use the search and link functions, choose Search and Link from the 'Add Works' dropdown menu. 

You will be offered a choice of databases to link to. Choose the one that is most appropriate for your subject area and type of output. 

Tips for importing papers from ResearcherID (Web of Science) and Scopus:

  1. Login to your ORCID record.
  2. Under Works section 
  3. Click on "+Add works" and then "Search & link".
  4. Select SCOPUS to ORCID for harvesting your works from SCOPUS  OR
  5. Select ResearcherID for harvesing your works from Web of Science
  6. Follow the on-screen prompts to send your papers to ORCID.

Importing publications from Google Scholar or other databases to ORCID:

  1. Login to your ORCID record
  2. Under Works section 
  3. Click "+Add works" and then "Import BibTeX"
  4. Follow these instructions:

You can also search for and add papers manually:

  1. Login to your ORCID record. 
  2. Under Works section 
  3. Click "+Add works" under the Works section of your profile.
  4. Enter information manually to add papers to your profile.


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