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Year of Reading: Malala - Book Discussion

Want to join our book club discussion?

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Are you interested in the story of the courageous Pakistani school girl Malala Yousafzai? If you are, then you have reached the right place! The library is overseeing a book club discussion in anticipation of the viewing of a documentary on Malala in NYYAD. For more information on this event, please see the tab 'He Named Me Malala'.

Some questions for the discussion:

  1. Malala is known for her passion for education and women’s rights. How does her passion for education shape her life? Do you have a particular cause that you care about deeply? Discuss.
  2. Malala became an activist when she was very young. Discuss how you felt while reading about her experience. Where did Malala find her courage and inspiration?
  3. Malala and her father have a very unique and close relationship. Think of someone in your life who has been a mentor. How did they inspire you?
  4. What influence does Malala's mother have on her? In what ways does Malala’s relationship with her mother compare/contrast with her relationship with her father?
  5. Have you dealt with a traumatic or life changing experience? How did you react in the aftermath of that incident?
  6. Malala’s family now lives in Birmingham, England. Have you ever been uprooted in your life? What happened and how did you adapt? How did that experience shape your worldview?
  7. If you were a 16-year-old girl in Pakistan, could you have imagined doing what Malala did? What do you admire about Malala?
  8. Why are her actions significant in terms of the worldwide struggle for human rights (in particular, women's rights)? If you could have spoken to the Nobel Prize committee, what would you have said in her support?

Various titles on Malala

Book Discussion

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Borrow a copy to read for the discussion!

Limited copies are available for loan with Patricia in the Library. Everyone is welcome to participate. If you have your own copy that's great too! This is the copy we will be reading: