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Year of Reading: Book donation & sale drive

Our aim

Our aim is to help contribute to a charity by encouraging people to donate their pre-loved books to the library and buy others for a minimal amount. Our book donation/selling drive has started in 2013 and proved very popular, hence it is now a permanent and ongoing feature of the library. This last year we generated 4,145 dirhams in total. Nearly 2,000 of this amount was raised by a few students during club day last year by selling ‘mystery book bags’. A representative from MSF, ‘Medecins Sans Frontieres’, did a presentation in the library regarding this ngo’s humanitarian work and was presented with our donation. We would like to thank people who are donating their books and buying others to help us achieve our goal of helping a charity and encourage reading and books.

For a charitable cause...

Since the start of the permanent book drive in 2013, we have been donating the money we generate to MSF. As of September 2016, we are planning to support a local UAE charity which encourages reading and the use of books amongst sick children.



Certificate of Thanks

Our permanent book drive





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