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Plagiarism: Plagiarism and KUSTAR

This guide covers all aspects of plagiarism, and includes content of the 'Plagiarism' module covered in the Information Literacy classes offered to students.

KUSTAR definition

“Plagiarism is the act of stealing the ideas and/or the expression of another person and representing them as one’s own. It is a form of cheating and a kind of academic misconduct that should result in some form of academic penalty. It is important that one understands  what it consists of, so that he/she does not jeopardize his/her career. In particular, a student has come to the University to learn, and this means acquiring ideas and exchanging opinions with others. But no idea is ever genuinely learned by copying it down from someone else’s work.A person commits plagiarism if he/she submits work that is not truly the product of his/her own mind and skills.”

Undergraduate  Handbook 2014-2015. Plagiarism. p.44-48. KUSTAR, 2014

Student Handbook on Plagiarism

Link directly to the latest Khalifa University student handbook and read the policy on plagiarism, how it's identified, the various forms of academic dishonesty and consequences of that.

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