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Information Literacy: Introduction to the Library

This guide introduces you to all teaching modules taught by Khalifa University Librarians to preparatory students.

What will I learn in this Module?

Module 1 will introduce you to the library by looking and discussing the following:

  • Who are the Library staff?
  • Where things are in the Library
  • Various physical collections
  • Operating hours
  • An overview of the library website
  • Libguides and their benefits
  • Summon (one stop search)
  • Various collections in the library, including e-books & e-journals

You need to be in the Library for this module. The first part of Activity 2 gets you walking in the Library to find where things are. The second part introduces you to the library website. You need to use a computer for that.

Faculty Orientation

Powerpoint presentation

This presentation is presented in class or you could use it independently whenever you want to!

My knowledge starts here!

New Library Building

Construction is under way for our new library building! The library will span over 3 storeys and will house a 'makerspace', amongst other services.

Watch this space!