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Senior Design: Mendeley

What is Mendeley

Mendeley is a tool that enables you to manage citations and PDFs using a desktop client or through your account on Mendeley also includes plugins for Word or OpenOffice, so you can easily create citations and/or bibliographies as you write your papers. Also use Mendeley to create groups and connect with other researchers in your field.

Getting started

  • Mendley has two versions Mendely Web and Mendeley Desktop
  • Create a free account at Mendeley Web 
  • Download Mendeley Desktop ( Windows and Mac versions available ) from Mendely site
  • Login created at Mendeley web can be used in Mendeley Desktop also
  • Mendley Web and Mendeley Desktop are synchronisable.

Useful Mendeley Tools

1. MS word plugin : This helps you to cite while you write . To install the Mendeley Plugin you need to first close Word and then on Mendeley Desktop go to Tools > Install MS Word Plugin.

2. Mendeley Web importer :  Useful to Import papers, Web pages and other documents directly into your reference library from search engines and academic databases. Mendeley web imorter is available for all major web browsers. To install the Mendeley Plugin you need to first close Word and then on Mendeley Desktop go to Tools > Install web importer.

Subject Guide

Adding references to Mendeley Library

​You can add references to your Mendeley Library through 3 ways

  • Through Mendeley web importer
  • Through Mendeley Desktop
  • Through Mendely web

Adding References through Web importer

Install the Web Importer on your browser to save references to your library directly from the page of the database you’re browsing. This is definitely one of the easiest ways to add documents. Just click the toolbar button as you come across a paper you’d like to save. It is also possible to import multiple articles from the search results pages of Google Scholar and other academic databases

Mendeley is most heavily focused on adding and organizing journal articles and PDFs, though any type of material can be added to Mendeley - usually manually if not a PDF.

The various methods are briefly described in Mendeley's Add & Organize section.


Basics of Adding References Manually

  • Open the Mendeley program on your computer.
  • Locate the "Add Document" icon (encircled plus sign) in the upper-left corner of the interface.
  • Click the arrow on the icon and select "Add Entry Manually". A pop-up window will appear. 
  • At the top, select the type of material you wish to add (e.g. book, book section, document, journal article, etc.). 
  • Begin to fill in data manually for the item record that appears by clicking on each metadata field. You can enter basic data (e.g. title, author, publisher), as well as notes, tags, and files from your computer.

Basics of Adding PDFs from your computer Automatically:

  • To add individual PDFs, click on "Add Files" as shown above, then select the file(s) to import. 
  • To add a folder of PDFs, click on "Add Folder", then select a folder. 
  • Mendeley can automatically add PDFs when they are saved on your computer. To set Mendeley to watch a folder, click on "Watch Folder". Make sure this folder is where you are saving new PDFs!
  • Drag and drop: individual PDFs or folders can also be dragged from your computer into your Mendeley program.
  • Once a PDF has been added, Mendeley will try to automatically extract the citation information. It will ask you to verify that the information is accurate, or prompt you to search Google Scholar to add any missing details.