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Biomedical Engineering: Internet Resources

A guide to resources in Biomedical Engineering


Evaluating sites

Evaluate internet sources carefully before including them in your research materials.

The main criteria for evaluating a web site are:

  • Who is the author? It is important to check the author's credentials to determine whether he/she/the organisation has the knowledge and authority to supply credible information. Check to see if any contact details are provided
  • How current is the information? See when the document was created and when it was last updated
  • What is the author's interest in the material? Can you detect any bias in the content and are you able to determine the purpose of the site? Check the address to identify the type of organisation producing the document. Be aware that commercial interests and some politically motivated sites may not present a balanced view
  • What sort of content is there? Can the content be considered comprehensive and of good quality? Does it provide links to other documents? Check on the audience at which the information is aimed  (e.g. professionals, students, the general public)

Freely-Available Online Resources


Professional Updates

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