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One Search: Search Tips

Search across most Khalifa library resources at once.

Search Tips in OneSearch (EDS)


  • EDS’ default search treats all terms you enter in a search box as though they are joined with AND. For example, if you enter: television violence children, EDS will find items that contain all 3 terms.  To combine your terms in other ways (such as OR or NOT), use the advanced search.
  • To improve the relevancy of your search results, enclose phrases in "quotation marks". For example:  "climate change" or "community college students".
  • If there is an apostrophe in your search term, include it.  For example, use "handmaid's tale" -- not "handmaids tale"
  • To find variant endings for a word, use the * asterisk (truncation symbol.)  For example:  psycol* finds psychology, psychological, psycologic, etc.
  • Use advanced search for more options

Refining search results

  • By default, search results are limited to available collection in the library
  • You can expand the search results to inclue the results which are not included in our collectin by removing the tick mark in the "available library collectin" facet.
  • Use the limiters along the left side of the screen to hone in on the most relevant content. 
  • The most common limits are found in the "Refine Search" and "Source Types" menus. 
  • Use these facets to limit your results by Subject, publisher, publication, languate, Geography, Location,Scource trype, date etc.  etc.

Subject Guide

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