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One Search: What is OneSearch

Search across most Khalifa library resources at once.


What is OneSearch ?

OneSearch, powered by EBSCO Discovery service (EDS) enables you to search most of the library's resources in a single step. 

It searches physical and online collections:  books, ebooks, journal articles, and more including Libary catalog and Khalifa University repository

If you've searched in an EBSCO database before, EDS will look very familiar.  The basic mechanics of searching in EDS are the same as in any other EBSCO database. However, there are a few additional features in EDS that can help you search more effectively.

Explore search Tips  for more information.



Your friendly libarian

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Nikesh Narayanan
E-Systems Librarian
Khalifa University of Science, Technology and Research
Website Skype Contact: nnikesh